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Todays hits, yesterdays classics!

Were you an RTV student at Memorial? Join!
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You must have been a student who took RTV at Memorial High School in order to be in this community.
It doesn't matter what year you graduated or if you did,
just that, at one point in your life, your name was listed on the attendance sheet for Radio & Television Broadcasting at MHS, in Sydney Mines.

This community is members only.

o1. Keep all drama away from this community.
o2. Absolutely no racism or nudity.
o3. Always make your updates in the community 'Friends Only'.
o4. If you are posting a long entry or posting pictures, please put it behind an lj-cut.
Don't know how to make an lj-cut!?
Copy & paste the following into your journal, following the directions:

o5. Please keep your post in this community on topic.
(ie. Radio &/or Television, questions about equipment, memories, updates on yourself/career, etc.)

Thank you!

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